Secret Menu

No Waste


No Waste Menu

Famous Flavours serves your guests a striking surprising No Waste Menu:
Not only do we keep the exact menu a secret until the last moment, but when you choose this menu, you help us in our fight against food waste.

At Famous Flavours, we love to make our guests happy with the most beautiful menus. You can always expect tasty dishes, but we also find it important to burden the environment as little as possible.

Together with our favourite suppliers, our chefs select the ingredients for the surprise menu at the very last minute. These ingredients are all deliciously fresh and of the right quality, but a day later they can not be sold anymore.

To prevent these tasteful products from being thrown away, our chefs create a unique menu, only once for your event.
The Secret Menu is basically a nutritious and vegetarian menu. If you want to expand the menu with meat or fish, we can always discuss this.



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