Pull & Bear


Barcelona, Spain

Beach party

“Can you organise a beach party at our pool in Barcelona?”
That’s what Pull and Bear, the popular Inditex clothing chain, asked us. Before they could finish the sentence, we let out a resounding: “of course!”.

We developed a Californian Pool Party with all the important details, in order to set up the perfect vibe. We left for Barcelona with refrigerated trucks. The serving staff travelled by plane.



Added Flavour...

The décor and theme where the important foundational pillars of this party. The surf-and-beach vibe was present in every detail. From the clothes worn by the serving staff, to the dishes on the menu, and the ingredients in the cocktails.

Pull and Bear works with a very specific ‘Guideline Book’, and we did everything in our power to follow this book to the letter. We provide photos and résumés of all serving staff, and we built the menu using very specific demands, with a dash of our own creativity.

The event was a huge success. We were able to clearly show that we can provide Famous Flavours’ quality and service anywhere in Europe. The challenging logistics had to be tackled creatively and flexibly. We are very proud of the result, and of the preferred supplier tag that we got from Inditex after the event.


We are also extremely proud of our serving staff. They truly lived up to what Famous Flavours stands for: flexibility, creativity and service. They made this event unforgettable, and the client did not fail to notice.

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