Luxury dinner

Van Gogh Museum

"Van Gogh inspires Zeng Fanzhi"


Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam

Opening of a unique presentation

In October 2017, the unique presentation of Zeng Fanzhi opened in the Van Gogh Museum. Zeng Fanzhi is a famous Chinese artist, who presents a collection of art that is inspired by Van Gogh. The name of the collection is "Van Gogh inspires Zeng Fanzhi" and is opened until the end of February 2018.

Zeng Fanzhi visited Amsterdam for the festive opening of the presentation. Famous Flavours was there to organize this special culinary dinner in the Van Gogh Museum, for the Chinese delegation and the Van Gogh Network.



Added Flavour...

At Famous Flavours, we always go the extra mile to make each event unique and personal. As we are also very proud of our Dutch inheritance, we followed the example of Zeng Fanzhi and composed a menu for the opening night, inspired by Van Gogh. Our guests enjoyed a culinary 4-course menu, with a sunflower dessert: inspired by one of Van Gogh's most famous paintings.


This dinner was another successful collaboration of Famous Flavours and Restaurant De Leest***.
Patron Cuisinier Tobias Overgoor (Famous Flavours) and Jacob Jan Boerma (Restaurant De Leest***) found each other in developing menu's of the highest quality. Culinary creativity, craftsmanship and guaranteed constant quality are the key elements of this collaboration. For this special menu, ingredients and cooking methods of the European and Asian cuisine were combined to compose a menu filled with culinary surprises and a unique experience.

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