Qatar Airways



Qatar Airways

When the finest airline in the world is looking to host an event in our capital, we do not leave anything up to chance.

The central room of the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam was turned into a Michelin star-quality restaurant, in which we hosted 350 A-listers for drinks, dinner and a world-class party.



Added Flavour...

For an organisation such as Qatar Airways, just the best is not good enough. We are available 24/7 for all of our clients, and that differentiating quality was noticed immediately. We take great pleasure in meeting and exceeding the highest of demands. When the organisers from Qatar Airways arrived on location, they were very impressed with the perfection that we displayed.

On a culinary level, you have to go all-out when hosting an international guest list. The menu was entirely tailored to all demands, and was presented equally well.


The timing and the process of the organisation of this launch presented some logistical challenges. Famous Flavours took the opportunity to show itself in the best light. With a last-minute tasting, and constant personal assistance, we eventually won the client’s trust – and eventually we received great compliments from several quests.

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