Museumsquare Polo Amsterdam

Unique event on a unique location!


Museumsquare, Amsterdam

Each year, PRO SPORT Sport & Hospitality organizes Museumsquare Polo Amsterdam, a unique equestrian event that takes place in the middle of Amsterdam, on the beautiful Museumsquare.

Famous Flavours is the catering partner of the event, responsible for the culinary realization of this event, together with several other renowned Amsterdam chefs.



Added Flavour...

At Famous Flavours, we never serve any standard packages. We rather think of new creative ways to surprise your guests. Not only for the culinary content of your event, but also with regard to our hosts and hostesses, the decoration and the appeal of your event. Champagnebars? Off course! Small finger food dishes of the highest quality, to enjoy during the games? We will make sure that your guests are spoiled!


Even though we have a lot of special locations where we host your event as preferred supplier, we can take our own kitchen when you organize an event in the middle of the museumsquare! Nothing is impossible, we are always cooperative and creative.

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