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Every wedding is unique, and that's why the bride and groom deserve all the attention in the planning phase. Of course you will have a thousand questions, and you want this day to be unforgettable, so we try to be there on all fronts so that you can worry about more important things.

To Annelotte and Rogier, this was the most important reason for going with Famous Flavours. During an elaborate tasting sessions, we set the menu together with the couple, and then we talking logistics. To the couple, the personal assistance in the planning phase was what convinced them of the fact that their day would be unforgettable.



Added Flavour...

Annelotte: 'If you know my mom, then you know that it's her habit to leave nothing up to chance. She would love to be present for everything, and personally man the kitchen too. That's why it was so special that none of this happened. From the start, she was thoroughly impressed with Famous Flavours' professional approach. She did not go into the kitchen, and there are even pictures of her on the dance floor!'


Every wedding party has its own unique challenges, mostly to do with the location. It's extra special when we can host events at people's homes, as we did here in Breda, in the home of Annelotte's parents. We turned the garden into a worthy party location for 300 guests, and then we turned the patio into a bar/buffet area.

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