Heineken Experience

Global Waste Dinner

Change the world, one bite at a time


Heineken Experience

Global Waste Dinner

Composing an unequaled menu of ingredients that are otherwise thrown away. This challenge was hugely embraced by the creative chefs of Famous Flavours. At the very last moment, we decided which ingredients would be used for the walking dinner for no less than 150 people in the Heineken Experience.

A great initiative of the Global Compact Network Netherlands, who wanted to draw attention to food waste. A theme that is close to heart at Famous Flavours, so we were happy to commit to this event. Together with all partners we have shown that through cooperation and creative thinking, many sustainability goals are within reach.



Added Flavour...

Creative cooking with whatever there just is. An unsurpassed menu of ingredients that are at their best today, but can not be sold tomorrow. Sustainability comes from attention and respect for our environment. With Famous Flavours this is in our DNA and that is why our contribution to this great initiative of Global Compact NL to promote the UN sustainability goals is obvious to us. We look back on this special collaboration in the Heineken Experience with great pleasure!


During the walking dinner, various speakers shared their vision on the themes of waste and sustainability. If you receive requests for a next edition one day later, you know that you have hit the right note.

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